Negotiating a Property Purchase: Top Tips for Success

Whether you are looking at purchasing your forever home or adding a property to your investment portfolio, it is important to go into the purchase negotiations informed. Chances are, there are other people also considering purchasing the property, so making sure you are prepared may give you that competitive edge.

Our blog, Negotiating a Property Purchase: Top Tips for Success, will help give you the best chance of successfully securing a property for a fair price.

Pre-purchase property inspections

Did you know?

In NSW there is very little the vendor has to disclose about the property they are selling and as the purchaser you buy the property as it is in its current state of condition and repair. Therefore, it is essential you find out what the condition of the property currently is.

Our blog, Pre-purchase property inspections, will help to give you a better understanding of the types of property inspections you may require.